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5 Ways to Use A Salve

5 Ways to Use A Salve


What is a Salve?

In an earlier post, we explained what differentiates salves from other body care products.

In sum, salves are an ointment primarily used to promote healing of the skin or as protection. Unlike lotions, creams, and body soufflés, a genuine salve contains no water. A salve feeds healing nutrients to damaged skin through oil as the medium.

You may be familiar with salves already, such as Calendula ointment or hand salves for dry skin. Each of these examples caters to different problems. Salves are designed to serve specific needs, from improving symptoms of topical skin issues to being a medium for transferring anti-inflammatory and cooling effects.

A Salve to Solve Troubled Skin

Bond Body Salve gently and quickly soothes the most distressed skin, putting it back on the road to recovery. Firstly, it gives the skin needed nutrients through a rapid absorption application. Next, it reinforces the skin's natural oil barrier, helping it restore itself.

Our salve is different from other salves for its greater fluidity. The salve easily melts in the hands for rapid absorption.

We created Bond Body Salve to be used all over the body—including hands, face, skin crevices and irritated patches. It effectively lessens dryness, irritation from burns, remedy cracked skin, calms rashes, and reduces redness. We've created a list of 5 situations that Bond Salve can help with.

5 Ways to Use for Bond Salve

1. Extremely dry skin caused by exposure to natural elements.

Are your cheeks dry from skiing? Have you moved to a new place with hard water and low air humidity? Recovering from sunburn? Fingers dry from mountain climbing? The salve helps restore intense hydration into the deeper layers of the skin and seals it off from outside elements. It's full of extra Vitamin E (tocopherol) and antioxidants (from Oat Oil, Kokum butter and Mango butter) to fight free radicals and signs of ageing.

2. Skin healing from cuts and trauma.

Reduce scarring and eliminate itching during wound healing. Use it on skin that’s closed or is covered by a scab after a surgery, a scrape, carpet or sun burn, and more. The salve keeps the skin around the wound hydrated and supports its healing with antioxidants.

3. Conditions of the skin that lead to itching, redness, and peeling.

Bond salve provides massive relief to skin suffering from conditions like eczema, fungal infections, psoriasis, allergies, and tattoo healing.

Oat oil provides soothing Vitamin E, omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids to restore the skin’s barrier and reduce skin irritation. Calendula oil improves blood flow to the skin’s surface to help cell regeneration.

4. Dehydrated skin—signs include scaliness, dullness, tightness.

If you scratch regularly at your skin (and the nails leave red marks) or feel like its appearance is generally flaky or scaly (and regular lotion results don’t last), use our Salve for penetrative and intense moisture that gives your skin the instant protection needed to restore balance.

How it works—fast-absorbing oils like Camellia oil and Jojoba oils quickly rehydrate the skin. Denser Kokum and Mango butters seal the skin, protecting it from pollutants and moisture evaporation.

5. Spot treatment for chapped lips, torn cuticles, hangnails, cracked heels.

At the warmth of your finger, the salve softens, becoming spreadable yet firm, making it a particularly easy application for spots of the body that need targeted care. Compared to creams, the salve delivers focused protection. See dry spots soften up and become one with the surrounding skin again. Evening Primrose oil contains high amounts of linoleic acid, also known as Vitamin F, and it provides moisture without weighing down the skin.

Bond Salve is particularly beneficial for spot treatment due to its silky dry feel. This is due to the formulation. Combined Jojoba and Camellia oils, known as ‘dry oils’ for their rapid absorption, help make this oil feel like a deep drink for the skin.

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