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Final Ship Dates June 15th & June 28th
Final Ship Dates June 15th & June 30th


Our guiding principle is to use rich ingredients as a source of food for the skin. Our products are uniquely formulated with essential fatty acid superfats containing loads of omega-6 and omega-3, which are polyunsaturated fats that complement your skin by nourishing its natural oil barrier, leaving your skin hydrated, plump and radiant with every application.

Our Philosophy

Our body care products are centered on offering high-performance plant formulations, and we believe that ingredients should be carefully chosen, 100% natural, and ethically processed. Everything inside a product, goes on your skin. Everything that your skin absorbs, goes into you. We are committed to creating products that have your wellness and your health in mind.

Ingredients Matter

Our products are packed with vitamin-rich nutrients that are highly concentrated in our soaps and moisturizers. Every product has an average of 15 to 25 botanicals, as well as skin-enriching vitamins, polyphenols, saturated fats, and more. 100% natural and clean, always.

Responsible Sourcing

Our ingredients are chosen by us and sourced from 45 countries, from responsible producers and growers. We only select farms with high standards and sustainable practices.  Clean sourcing is essential to creating a product that is truly good for you.


Our products are not tested on animals. We are certified cruelty-free and vegan through recognized organizations such as PETA,  and the Leaping Bunny program.

Clean Formulations

Our unique formulas are designed with you in mind, and we are continuing to refine and develop new ones, based on your needs and feedback, to deliver a mirage of benefits. Using vegan-only ingredients, we create products that can address various skin types and issues, including dry, sensitive, normal, dehydrated, and oil-prone skin.

Simpler Packaging

Sustainable packaging is an ongoing commitment. That’s why, as we grow we will continue to make conscious choices that are good for our environment. We decided to avoid including boxes to be mindful of the waste that is being generated in our industry. We have designed our product to reduce plastic by offering bulk refills and introducing glass bottles.

Artisanship & Manufacturing

We produce our items in small-batch, by hand. Everything is checked for the highest quality before filling. We believe in reducing excess, so we chose simple packaging over complex materials. Our handmade products can be purchased in refill quantities, to reduce waste. Being sustainable is a journey, and the work is never finished. So, we continue to evolve on ways to make sustainable choices as producers.

Every product was created or packaged by either Sade or Rachel, with care. When you purchase from Sade Baron, you are receiving an authentic item, made with devotion and attention.

We create each product to be more than soap or moisturizers. It is an experience. We use minimal fragrances, to avoid skin irritation. All scents, if included, are naturally crafted from 100% botanicals, essential oils, or plants. Every product has been crafted carefully to provide the most soothing balance of touch and smell.

In consideration of skin sensitivities, we also have fragrance free creations without masking agents. The luxurious sense of contact is a standard in all our products.

Our Certifications

We voluntarily use safe practices to create every one of our products. Here are our certifications and best practices:

All our products and practices are recognized as entirely cruelty-free. Leaping Bunny Approved and PETA certified recognizes that we do not use animal testing or animal ingredients to create any of our products.