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Free Shipping on orders over $59 U.S & Canada
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Fine, handmade body care. Efficacious, botanical, concentrated

We create highly efficacious, and concentrated body care. Our products are formulated with nutrients, superfats, superfoods that give your body more than one day of glow. We are committed to creating products that have your beauty and your health in mind.

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Skinfood, always.

We aim to give you a long term roadmap to healthy skin.


Meet Sade Baron

We are Sade and Rachel. Since our first experience with dry skin, we learned through our own challenges, the way to heal using plant-formulated infusions and more. For years, this knowledge remained private to us. We felt a desire to give clean, high-quality, nutritious body care to more people. In 2016, we founded Sade Baron to do just that. Everything is created by us, a mother-daughter duo. Thoughtful, intentionally crafted body care. 100% vegan, high-quality nutrients, and clean products which are good for you.

Our Commitment

High Performance, Super Fats & Super Clean

What Our Customer Have To Say

I can it’s easily one of my top three products. It doesn’t feel weighty, and I use it on my face, elbows, knees, and any other rough or dry spots. Love!

My whole family uses this to moisturize dry lips to hands and elbows. It has no artificial flavours or smells and is amazing!

This bar is changing the look and appearance of my skin. My skin is more even, looks more vibrant, glowing, and healthy. My new favourite staple in my skincare regimen.

The SB Edit

Exploring new ingredients is our commitment to using only natural products in self-care.

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vegan body soap and moisturizers
certified vegan ingredients
cruelty free and vegan body care
body care is not tested on animals
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