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Meet the Founder

We’re so excited to meet you.

Hi, I am Sade


My daughter Rachel inspired me to create highly concentrated body care products that make your skin feel great. As a 100% woman-owned business, we select every ingredient in our products. Everything is handmade, carefully packaged, and personally checked for impeccable quality.

We answer all your questions. We listen to you, every word. When we began this company, we committed to making products with premium, quality ingredients at an affordable price. Now, we are creating what we could not find anywhere else. Feed your skin with nutrients, and your body will absorb these nutrients. More nourished, your skin will heal faster, and unlock its natural, reformative potential.

“Our story began with dry skin, a respect for botanicals, and compassion for people.”

When Sade was young, she suffered from eczema and scaly skin. Her grand-aunt stepped in with a homemade botanical remedy of coconut oils and plants. It had amazing results, and shaped Sade deeply, because Sade developed a lifelong interest in plants and their uses. With Sade, her daugther was blessed to grow up with a mother who always had the solution for any skin or health issue.

Years later, as Sade started to search for soaps and cleansers, she found a depressing shortage in drug stores, and even health stores. It was impossible to find something that was made with only clean, healthy ingredients. “People loved my mom’s oil infusions, and I noticed that,” says Sade.

Sade was always creating and recommending solutions to people, many of whom she met in her work over 35 years as a nurse and midwife. My daughter knew the power of my formulas, and encouraged me to learn soap-making. 

In 2016, Sade began to sell the first Sade Baron plant infusions within clean, all-natural bar soaps. Today, we listen to you, as you tell us about your skin needs and health matters. Everything in our products are made for real people.