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Sade Co-founder Note - Pregnancy

Sade Co-founder Note - Pregnancy

Sade says— During pregnancy, belly and breasts are important

Dear Sade Baron Community,

Sometimes, during pregnancy, eczema can appear. As a busy mom, you might find it hard to look after it. But pregnancy eczema may not go away, so you must address it.

In my experience, when you don’t pay attention to a problem, it can spread. While there are stories of pregnancy eczema going away on its own, it can take months and months. During that time, your dry and patchy skin might get worse, and even become permanent. I’ve been a mother myself, and I understand how hard it can be to have time for yourself. You are busy with working and preparing for the baby.

During your pregnancy, there are two parts of your body which are very important: your belly and your breasts. Use Bond Salve to take care of these important parts. Bond is also good for eczema, to soften the skin.

For the belly, prevent stretch marks with a moisturizing routine. Apply it every day. When you massage it into the belly, you also give yourself a chance to say, “Okay, this is my time; this is for me.” When you do this regularly, it helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks after you give birth.

For the breasts, start to pay attention to them during the pregnancy. Continue after you have your baby. Your breasts might be sore and your nipples can become dry. Before giving birth, use some salve for the breasts, to keep the skin soft. When the nipples crack and bleed, it is not only painful; it can allow bacteria to get into your body. Once you have a little bundle of joy to look after, your breasts will get even more sore from breastfeeding. When you have taken good care of your nipples before the birth, they will be in better shape after you have your baby.

Those first few days after giving birth are going to be crazy. So, you want to be taking care of your body before that. Take care of your nipples between feedings. You cannot use any products that have chemicals in them, as the baby will suck on the nipple and ingest those chemicals. Instead, always use natural products that will not harm your baby.

Lastly, take warm showers. Generally, warm showers are the kindest for the skin. Down there, you might feel very tender after giving birth. Never be rough with yourself. Sometimes soaps can be irritating, especially if you have cuts or wounds from pushing the baby out. Use just a little bit of natural soap with lots of warm water. Gently wash the area—not too rough— to make sure you don’t hurt the sensitive skin.

Remember these three tips. You will feel more comfortable during your pregnancy and after your little one is born.


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