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Cold Process Soaps

Cold Process Soaps

The Best Handmade Method

Soaps are humble, everyday necessities. Yet, behind every bar of artisanal soap that you have lathered with, a decision was made by the creator.

Generally, handmade soaps can be made with a hot process or a cold process. Although hot process production is faster, its ingredient composition is less customizable, as some ingredients are too delicate to undergo heat. The hot process is also known as melt and pour.

We choose the cold process rather than the melt and pour method to create our handmade soaps. The melt and pour method requires that oils be heated to 50º Celsius (125º Fahrenheit). Delicate ingredients lose their nutritious potency under high heat conditions. Many fresh ingredients simply cannot survive heat processing. We believe in creating a super nutritious combination of beneficial plant-based oils and extracts, kind of like a multivitamin for your body. That’s why the cold processed method is a better way to include more diverse Skinfood ingredients that support glowing and healthy skin.

This dedication to body care and truly nourishing the skin is costly. Cold process soaps have to age 6 - 8 weeks. But the effort is worth it. Finally— creamy, lathery, and beautifully designed, your soap is ready.

Sade is our Founder and Head Formulator, and she guides each soap formula we create using her knowledge of the healthful abilities of plants. Our focus isn’t just on pretty—although our soaps are beautiful!—or fragrant. We produce soaps with the percentage and concentration of complementary ingredients, that bring the best results for varied skin conditions.

The Benefit to Your Body

By cold processing, we can include ingredients that are good for you and ensure they can deliver vitamins and beneficial oils to your body.

  • It allows ingredients to retain their potency
  • It creates creamier soaps
  • It is free of synthetic fragrances, masking agents and irritating detergents
  • It is gentler and healthier for your body
  • You will experience less dryness, flaking, itchiness, and redness

More healing power

The benefits of Superfats like Coconut oil, Shea butter and Olive oil can be destroyed in a melt and pour soap process, which heats the soap. With the cold process, you get all the good vital nutrients. The cold process allows us to add generous amounts of plant-based butters into the soaps for a boost of moisture.

Customized for every skin type

With our cold processed formulas, we create soap for every skin concern. For example, blemish-prone or odour-prone body types need Vulcano, our Activated Charcoal soap bar with a hint of tea tree oil. Sensitive skin individuals like Blanc, a mild, moisturizing and fragrance-free option. Dry skin types benefit from Waterfall, an extremely moisturising soap with Aloe Vera, Olive oil and Grapeseed oil.

No added detergents

The cold process is free of detergents (like the extremely common sodium lauryl sulfate, also known as SLS) which strip your body of its natural oils and force you to reintroduce that moisture externally.

Creamy feel and luxurious lather

It feels better on the skin. With the cold process, the soap will naturally create a rich and creamy lather. Although the lather isn’t as voluminous as that provided by SLS, it’s so much better. It doesn’t strip your skin of needed oils. We skilfully whip them for the lightest, softest touch. In the bath or shower, the soap will foam beautifully to better cleanse your skin and remove dirt.

Naturally fragranced—or aroma-free

Off-the-shelf soaps contain synthetic chemicals and fragrances which can irritate the skin. Even if they don’t irritate the skin, the scents are still considered ‘filler ingredients’ if they have no benefit on skin health. Our soaps allow us to provide the double benefits of essential oils, both for imparting beautiful fragrance profiles and giving a skin benefit. With all-natural ingredients, we can also create fragrance-free options that smell acceptable, without the need for chemical masking agents.

Soaps are a forgotten part of everyone’s body care and skincare routine. It’s common to think that body care begins after the shower. But we believe otherwise. Every part of your daily habit is a part of creating glowing skin that protects you and makes you feel good. By choosing cold processed soaps that have been made thoughtfully, you improve the efficacy of every product and ritual in your body care routine.

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