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how to use body mist

5 simple ways to use Body Mist

Body mist like perfume is directly applied to the skin. However, a Body Mist helps skin stay hydrated and refreshed. Mist can also be re-applied on your body throughout the day to maintain that all-over scent, which offers a subtle fragrance and energy boost depending on the scent.

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Here are 5 ways you can use a Body Mist:

  1. Body mist are excellent hydrators to skin and are directly applied to the skin. Preferable on clean and dry skin. You can apply the mist immediately after showing or bathing or before stepping out. The light pleasant aroma is a great way to wander throughout while feeling refreshed.
  2. A complimentary scent to your perfume by layering a mist and body moisturizer. Body mists are less expensive than perfumes, and can be used in conjunction or as a complementary scents to a favourite eau de toilette or perfume. Mist’s provide a light and breezy touch that can work in unison with your existing signature smell. Our Fresh Luxe Body Mist is our best selling body mist, it has a light citrus scent that is not too heavy.
  3. Home and Bed. Applying a bit of most mist before going to bed and pillow sheets to provide a relaxing feel. Mist can also be sprayed on delicate fabrics as they have a low concentration of essential oils, and depending on the formulations.
  4. Use it as a double deodorant, to be more effective use the spray on your body as opposed to your clothes. Spraying the armpits, chest and neck a few times will allow the essential oil to linger providing a subtle lasting smell.
  5. Depending on the body mist you can apply it on the face which will allow a glow, dewy and hydrated look and feel.

Tip: On hot summer days place the body mist in the refrigerator provide a cooling effect to skin.

As a general rule when it comes to reapplication to 2 to 3 times is totally fine to keep your scent fresh and evenly layered throughout the day.

Looking to stay hydrated? Our hydrating Body mist contain ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel and a good dose of Hyaluronic Acid.

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