Sade Baron x The Boob Book Project

Sade Baron is launching the exclusive Boobie Balm with Toronto-based organization The Boob Book Project to raise awareness around body image issues and promote self-love and body positivity.

Our new hydrating stick has been enhanced to do what is best for the breast and replenish moisture, improve texture, and protect the skin.

As a beauty body brand, we are passionate about overall skin health and body love - and what better way to honour the beautiful breast than with a product made specifically to target the nipple.

About the Boobie Balm

We believe the glow starts from the inside.

Boobie Balm - Sade Baron x The Boob Book Project
  • 100% Vegan + Natural

    The nourishing formula contains healthy fats, butters and medicinal oils to protect skin and improve its texture.

  • Multi-Purpose

    Use it all over your body to soothe breasts, nipples, lips, peeling or itching skin, dry cuticles and areas prone to dryness.

  • Boobies + Breastfeeding

    Specially formulated for the boobies this product is safe for babies, and breast feeding mothers.

  • Juicy Lips

    Every purchase comes with a bonus gift of SQUISH Vegan Juicy lips to go with their new juicy lips! 

Stay Glowing

The Boobie Balm is made from 100% Natural ingredients. Sade Baron x The Boob Book Project decided to create something all women can use, whether you are breastfeeding, pregnant, have normal to dry skin, and other environmental sensitivies. 



The Sade Baron Boobie Balm is an awesome product and very versatile for everyday use.

It provides a burst of moisture keeping my skin and lips feeling soft

and hydrated throughout the day.

This product applies very easily and his convenient to carry along. Not only do I use it on my growing belly but as a lip moisturizer and a cheek highlighter when I’m going for that glowing-dewy look.  With a little bit of self acceptance and compassion I have learned to life based in truth, love and fulfillment.

I also love the fact that this product is not packed with harmful ingredients like most of these days. I am a natural goddess so what I put on my body is equally important as what I put into my body. I can use it in so many different ways such as on my lips or on my skin. Unlike other moisturizers it leaves my skin and lips with this beautiful, natural glisten. #goddess