Superfat Soaps.

noun  |  su•per•fat  |  \ ˈsü-pər ˌfat \

Ultra-moisturizing and intensely nourishing oils with high ratios of essential fatty acids rich in omegas that heal and protect the skin. Lavish cleansing bars with wholesome superfats your skin will love.

Vegan Skinfood.

noun  |  veg·an skin·food  |  \ˌvē-gən ˈskin-füd\

A feast of nutrient-rich skinfoods to keep your skin looking healthy and full. Nutrient-rich superfood skin care products made of natural and cruelty-free ingredients that nourish the body.

A brand inspired by skin and its power.


Guiding principle is to use rich ingredients as a source of food for the skin. Eat up!

Every ingredient in every product is natural, sustainable, plant-based and 100% vegan.

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