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Final Ship Dates June 15th & June 28th
Final Ship Dates June 15th & June 30th
Q & A with Michelle

Q & A with Michelle

Your GOAL?

I’ve been working on a couple of creative projects both online and at home, now that the days are longer, I’m inspired to push through!

Where do you get your beauty inspo?

I’m inspired by nature and simplicity and look for that in my beauty products. Muti tasking products with few ingredients are a win win for me.

Sade Baron Interview with Michelle

What are you listening to at the moment?

I love listening to podcasts anything from learning to laughing and everything in between!

What’s your skin body type?

My skin is hydrated/normal.

How do you moisturize your body? You can choose two if you’d like.

I use various types of products to moisturize my body depending on weather and outfit, having said that; I tend to use a body cream at night and lotion during the day.

How often times do you moisturize?

I moisturize after each time I bathe. I never have to reapply Sade Baron products for extra hydration.

Sade Baron Interview with Michelle

Tell us about your skin. What are your biggest concerns?

My concern is occasional dryness as we transition into winter. I find that tweaking my routine by adding more creams or laying a cream and soufflé resolves this issue.

Whats your favourite Sade Baron product(s)? Why?

If I had to choose a couple; Vera body cream has a clean soft scent. I love wearing this scent to bed, its relaxing and leaves my skin supple. I layer this over the La Rose French Pink Clay Soap. This soap is the perfect ending to a long day. The rich creamy lather is enough to nourish the driest skin but why stop there when you can layer a delicious cream over it? The Vulcano Castile soap is also a staple for face and body like all of Sade Baron products, this will not leave my skin dry.

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