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skin care routine for dry skin

Skin Care Routine for Dry Skin

Soft, hydrated skin is everyone's dream. Do you find that you are moisturizing regularly, but your skin still feels dry? If so, you might need to look at how you can revise your skin care routine for dry skin. Read on to learn some tips for keeping your skin healthy.

6 Steps to Repair Dry Skin

Avoid Stripping Skin's Natural Oils - Use Gentle Cleansers

Your skin might still feel dry despite the moisturizers you are using, because your cleanser is too harsh. When the cleanser is harsh, it strips all natural oils away from the surface of your skin. When washing, your skin should feel clean and refreshed. It should not feel squeaky clean or stripped.

Oily skin types benefit from using cleansers that are oil-free, while dry skin types love cream cleansers which add extra hydration.

The vegan body wash cleansers from Sade Baron are always gentle, because they are formulated with 100% natural, clean ingredients which are not stripping or irritating. 

Hot Water Can Lead to Dry Skin or Inflammation

Use warm water rather than hot water in the shower or bath. Hot water can cause inflammation to the skin, even leading to redness, itching, and peeling. Very hot water has the effect of cleansing your skin too well, stripping it of moisture and natural oils.

Try bathing in warm showers or more gentle lukewarm baths. When combined with moisturizing oils and soaps, you can emerge from a bath with a gentler glow and smoother complexion.

Our top-selling vegan bar soaps are packed with nutrients, and each one is created uniquely for effective, healing, soothing natural formulations, depending on your area of need. Consider our moisturizing shampoo bar, it's highly versatile for use on not only hair but also body and face.

Moisturize Immediately after Bathing

The right time to moisturize is immediately after bathing, when your skin is slightly wet. Before all water evaporates from your skin, pat dry gently and immediately apply your moisturizer all over your body. Doing this on a regular basis will guarantee healthier skin.

Our Tai Body Oil is perfect to provide a deeper, lasting hydration after a shower or bath.

Apply Skincare Products in the Correct Order

This applies to the face in particular. Toners should be applied first, followed by serums. After that, apply your cream of choice.

Although it sounds similar, having dehydrated skin and dry skin are different. Dry skin lacks oil, while dehydrated skin lacks water. Toner and serums, or products containing hyaluronic acid, aids skin in retaining H20 in its cells. Only then, can lotions and creams do what they do best: seal the moisture. We offer a skin care set to address the effects of dry skin. Alternatively, consider another body care set to help reverse the effects of dehydrated skin.

If you apply moisturizer constantly, but feel dried out within hours, you may be experiencing dehydrated skin. Simply put, the skin is not retaining moisture. The right thing is to deconstruct your skincare routine and help your skin care for itself first by adjusting the cleansers, bathing temperatures, and toners used. Toners and serums are a worthwhile investment for anyone suffering from chronically dry skin that is not responding to creams and lotions. 

When body care is applied correctly, all of the products in your arsenal will work better, because you are using them the way, they were meant to be used.

Sade Baron's natural body creams are suitable for all skin types: normal, sensitive, dehydrated, dry and very dry skin. 100% vegan.

Check the Humidity in the Air

Adjust your moisturizing frequency, based on the humidity and temperature of your region.

If you live in a hot and humid climate, dry skin may not be an issue when you are outside. Rather, you may find your skin is becoming irritated when you enter an air-conditioned environment. This is because many air conditioners include de-humidifying effects. When you enter the cool air, which has been removed of moisture, your skin becomes dry.

The solution is to keep a light, water-based moisturizer that can keep you soft while enjoying air conditioner, but will not become greasy once you step outdoors.

Try our Body Soufflés, which have an airy, whipped consistency ideal for moisture without the greasiness.

In cold and dry climates, dry skin is common during the winter months. Both the cold weather and dry indoor heating create spaces with a lack of moisture.

Ideally, it is best to maintain the moisture levels in the skin with good facial skin toners, which maintain the pH of the skin and allow it retain water optimally. Then, very importantly, one must find a nutrient-rich cream or butter type moisturizer to protect against winter weather. Oil-based moisturizers can then seal the skin from changes in climate and the outdoor cold, which will suck skin dry of hydration.

Once again, our natural, moisturizing body Oil is ideal for a deeper hydration to protect against the drying effects of winter dryness and cold weather. 

Cuticles and Cracked Skin need Skin Balms and Butters

Not often mentioned by many skin specialists is dry cuticles, which can feel irritating and seem to make entire fingers or toes feel dry even if the skin itself is hydrated. Body care balms or butters which are produced in thicker, firmer formulations are ideal for this part of your body.

Because balms and butters take time to be absorbed, they provide a longer-lasting result. Applying it daily on the tips of your fingers, toes, or dry parts like elbows, heels, is effective.

Regular lotions and creams are less effective on this area because they are absorbed too quickly, leaving not enough protection over the callous parts of the body.

The All Moi Lip & Body Balm is conveniently packaged in an easy-to-carry stick. Designed for chapped lips, peeling or itching skin, dry cuticles, fingertips, and areas prone to eczema, dryness or discomfort.

Find peace of mind and reduce dry skin, by applying these tips and ensuring that you have a regular routine. Understand your skin type and only buy and use items which truly make you feel good.

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