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Ingredient Story: Coconut

Ingredient Story: Coconut

Coconut nut is part of the palm tree family and is referred to as a seed or fruit. Coconut grows in the tropics and are distinct from other fruits because it contains large amount of clear liquid known as coconut water. Coconut is home too many countries India, Philippines, Africa and other subcontinents.

61% of its content is fibre

Coconut in the last century has become popular staple in food, skin and hair products. A versatile fruit that has many purpose, it fights dryness and flakiness, and neutralized toxins.

Coconut fruit contains 10 vitamins, 8 minerals and 2 phytonutrients, and in addition is highly saturated in lauric acid, and is consider a superfood ingredient due its many properties.

Coconut Superfats

 I love coconut for its delicious water and taste of coconut meat, what I like the most about is that offers so much remedies in ailing the skin, hair, mouth and digestive system.

We use coconut as oils, butters and inner flesh of the coconut in our bar cleanser Vulcano and Blue Lemonade, Body Souffles and body cleansers.

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