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Ingredient Story: Cinnamon

Ingredient Story: Cinnamon

Cinnamon induces a spicy, yet beautiful evoking smell. It is also known as an aphrodisiac spice, used to flavour sweet and savoury dishes, teas, and traditional foods. The origin of cinnamon dates back to 2800 B.C mentioned in Chinese writings. However, Cinnamon is native to Ceylon, Sri Lanka. In medieval times cinnamon was used to treat coughs, sore throats and hoarseness. By the 17th Century the Dutch monopolized the cinnamon trade, a century later other countries learned that cinnamon can easily grow in other tropical climates.

Cinnamon has anti-fungal, antioxidant, antibacterial properties, and it improves blood flow to the surface of the skin which in turn adds moisture. Cinnamon is also known to help remove dead skin cells and fights dry skin. Inflamed and irritated skin such as eczema is no match for cinnamon as it provides relief and soothes the skin.

Cinnamon bark has the highest amount of antioxidant activities than other spices, and is particularly potent in food and can reduce risks of heart diseases.

Other benefits of cinnamon for skin.

  1. Due to its antibacterial properties it can eliminate bacteria which increases acne or blemishes
  2. It helps reduce redness and restores skin moisture

Cinnamon used in combination is always better for skin to avoid causing irritation. We decided to use it in our Morning Glory Soap along with Coffee beans, recycled grinds that offers is a great exfoliation and supercharges source of antioxidants. I love the smell of Cinnamon as it reminds me of all sorts of baked goods. It is definitely one of my favourite vegan skin food ingredients.


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