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what is fragrance free vs unscented

What does it mean for body care to be Fragrance Free vs Unscented?

What is Fragrance-Free vs. Unscented?

In order to explain which is better and why, it's helpful to have a clear understanding of what it means when your body care is fragrance free is vs unscented. 

When body care is scented or containing a fragrance, the product has either of these situations: 

  1. Fragrances added for a pleasant experience. This includes synthetic fragrances, which are made in a chemist's lab, and natural fragrances, like essential oils derived from nature. This is commonly referred to as a scented body care product.
  2. Sometimes substances can be added to cancel out or neutralize the scents from the ingredients of the product. This is often labeled as unscented leading the consumer to believe nothing was ever added to the product. The added fragrances are known as masking agents. They are often synthetically made.

Effects of Fragrance on Sensitive Skin

When your skin type is sensitive, fragrances or masking agents can create unplanned effects, as these ingredients were not included to serve your skin's health, but rather to improve the experience of using the product. If you have fussy skin with specific needs, then keeping fragrances to a minimum can help reduce irritation.

At Sade Baron, we focus on long-term health. Our products do not contain filler ingredients which do not add value to the body care formula.

Our creations also never contain masking agents, although some of our body care items will have a selection of natural, vegan scents. We never use synthetic fragrances.

Body Care with Essential Oils

Many popular smells, if not created from solely synthetic fragrances, are made from a mix of essential oils. Commonly found florals like bergamot, rose, lavender, ylang-ylang, and orange blossom are lovely.

In body care products, essential oils should always be diluted to safe amounts for the average skin type.

When skin is sensitive, however, even trace amounts can cause redness and inflammation.

Essential oils are strong, highly concentrated botanical essences which should never be used without dilution. Frequent application of them directly to the skin can cause serious rashes, burns, and even anaphylactic shock. For example, tea tree oil has an earthy, camphor-like scent that can be calming. It is a well-known anti-inflammatory ingredient used in haircare to acne relief. However, it is toxic when taken internally, and can cause contact burns if applied directly to the skin.

Almond and coconut oil are part of a selection of natural scents do not usually cause irritation. Think of lemon, shea butter, aloe vera, and cucumber. When choosing naturally scented fragrances, look for those that include calming ingredients like these. Essential oils, especially if they are not sufficiently diluted, may irritate the skin.

Avoid synthetic fragrances as well as essential oils, and see if the skin improves.

Choose Body Mists over Perfume

If you decide to stop using scented moisturizing products or perfume, but enjoy a little scent, body mists are a refreshing alternative. Rather than applying a scented product directly to your skin, you can mist gently over your body after getting dressed. Your body can carry a refreshing aroma, without harming the skin. Here's some other ways to apply body mist

Body Mist Hydration Set

They are mildly scented botanical water solutions. Misting it over the body gives hydration and a beautiful smell, letting you stay presentable and fresh, but your skin is not forced to come into contact with essential oils directly.

Commit to Fragrance Free with your Body Care

We have a full line of wonderful products that are fragrance free. Made specifically for those with sensitive skin or aversion to scented products. Body Soap, Cleanser, and a full line of moisturizers are all free from any additives. Shop the whole line of Sade Baron Fragrance Free Body Care.

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