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What's a Skin Detox

What's a Skin Detox

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We are used to hearing about toxins in our skin and the necessity to do things in our body care routines to remove them, but what are toxins, exactly?

The word toxins in body and skin care refers generally to ****impurities (such as dirt), pollutants, excess sebum and dead skin cells that collect on the skin’s surface. ‘Toxins’ are not real toxic chemicals, but rather, a useful catch-all term that describes some of the hindrances to healthy skin.

Detox describes the process of removing external substances that can interfere with the skin reaching its optimum. Detox also includes eating healthier, getting a work-life balance and consuming less alcohol and caffeine. For some people, detox means going one step further—into the skin’s layers, with chemical peels or anti-ageing treatments. Rituals like saunas, steams, massages, and baths can also form part of a skin detox.

We define detoxing as the process of removing unwanted dirt and bacteria as well as a buildup of skin cells and sebum, which can create breeding conditions for unpleasant odours or skin irritations. We don’t include cleaning the skin of all oils as part of a good detox, nor do we encourage antibacterial results in our soaps. We also consider a related part of skincare, removing free radicals via antioxidant ingredients, as part of a detox routine, or an ‘anti-ox.’

Our bodies are a living place for millions of micro-organisms. A healthy skin microbiome supports the immune system, helps heal wounds, and fights infection. This means, that when it comes to detoxing the skin, our goal is never to completely remove all bacteria, as that would cause damage rather than provide a healthy result.

5 Ways to Detox and ‘Anti-ox’

  1. Take a fast from makeup and products. Sometimes, when things aren’t working, your skin needs a rest. Give it 1-2 days without cosmetic products, and monitor the results. Oftentimes, this is just what you need. If you don’t use makeup, you can also take a fast from skincare products. If your skin looks better and feels firmer, your cleanser may be too harsh, the skin may be oversaturated with excess moisturiser, or something in your routine simply doesn’t fit your face or body.

  2. Do a scrub. When dead skin cells build up, they create the appearance of dull-looking skin. Simply freshen up your complexion with a good exfoliation. Use our Morning Glory Coffee Scrub Soap to renew the body’s glow—while fighting free radicals with coffee, Cocoa Butter and Olive Oil.

  3. Clean up the diet. Foods that are too high in sugar, salt, or fat wreak havoc on our body. There is a strong relationship between the health of our gut and our skin’s appearance. Remove processed foods from the diet and take it easy on alcoholic, caffeinated or sugary drinks, for a while. Eat foods high in antioxidants like fresh fruits and vegetables.

  4. Sweat it out. Going for exercise, or partaking in sauna and steam rooms are a great way to detox the skin. Its biggest benefit is not in the sweating—we don’t actually have toxins in the body that are sweated out—but in the blood circulation that leads to a healthy glow.

  5. Regularly wash with a Charcoal soap. The activated charcoal dust within a charcoal soap binds to excess oil and dirt, and washes out in the bath or shower. It allows a deeper cleanse without stripping the skin.

Vulcano | Activated Charcoal Soap

This contains Activated Bamboo Charcoal, which pulls off dirt and oil from the skin, but is also plant-based and cruelty-free. Our soap also provides powerful antioxidant benefits through Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Sunflower Oil. Sunflower Oil is also particularly high in Vitamin E. Finally, the addition of just a hint of Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint Oil, which have antibacterial properties, reduce odour-causing bacteria without skin irritation. The refreshing, clean herbal scent makes this a favourite for everyone regardless of age or gender.

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