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Q & A with Vania

Q & A with Vania

"Being a dancer my skin is under a lot of stress so these are things Im really attentive too when taking care of it."

Your GOAL?

My career goal is to open up an artistic agency to mentor, fund and develop young artists of all genres. Mentorship played a big role in my upbringing as a dancer and I want to be that guide for others in their pursuit of an artistic/ creative career.

Where do you get your beauty inspo?

My main beauty inspo is my mom, she is absolutely stunning and as I get older the more I look like her. Others I get beauty inspo from are India Love, Tia Johnson, Sabs0ul and Ugly world wide.

What are you listening to at the moment?

At the moment Ive really been into Summer Walker's album Last Day of Summer.

Favourite place to eat?

I love her vibe and its the first album I've really connected too in a long time I love food, but my favourite place to eat right now is the Heslodge 10/10 recommend but you could never go wrong with some oxtail!!

Vania Sade Baron Model

What’s your skin body type?

I'd say my skin type is dry and some what sensitive.

How do you moisturize your body?

I like to moisturize my skin with either cream or an oil but lately I've been using cream more. I usually moisturize once a day after my shower i'll reapply if I was in the sun all day or swimming.

Tell us about your skin. What are your biggest concerns?

My main skin concerns are dryness and scaring. Being a dancer my skin is under a lot of stress so these are things Im really attentive too when taking care of it.

What's your favourite Sade Baron product? Why?

My favourite Sade Baron products are the Sky Soufflé and the Autumn Body Mist. The body soufflé is so creamy and hydrating and leaves a really nice sheen on the skin without being excessively oily. Ive been using the mist so much this summer, its a really nice refresh throughout the day and I like putting some on when I finish my skin care routine.

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