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Why your skincare routine isn't working

Why your skincare routine isn't working

Ignite Your Skin Care Routine with These Changes

A holistic approach to skincare helps maintain glowing, healthy recovery. The health of your body’s largest organ isn’t just dependent on the products you use, or your natural genetics. Ignite your skin care routine by paying attention to these supportive factors.

Support the efficacy of your natural treatments by supporting the other pillars of your health. Help your body heal itself.

Get abundant nourishment

Eat nutrient-dense foods, especially fruits, vegetables and foods high in essential fatty acids. Omega-3, 6 and 9 have ongoing anti-inflammatory benefits, and help your skin repair itself. While our highly efficacious skin treatments help feed nutrients into the skin topically, nothing replaces a good diet. Our bodies need to maintain a store of minerals and vitamins in order to work effectively.

Accompany nutritious meals with water or filtered natural juices to prevent overconsumption of sugar. This helps with skin that has a tendency toward inflammation or is sensitive to changes in your blood sugar.

Prepare for restorative sleep

Getting better sleep isn’t just about having more hours: it involves a pre-sleep routine. Just like a great public speech is only failsafe when preparations are completed, a restorative bout of sleep is more likely to happen when you prepare.

Put away digital devices well before snoozing hour. The blue light emanating from your cellphone signals daytime to your brain. Avoid reading stressful work emails right before bed. For some, stretching before changing into pyjamas helps release tensions gathered throughout the day. A pre-sleep routine doesn’t take much. Others swear by reading an interesting novel, listening to music, or opening the window to breathe in clean, evening air. Often no more than five minutes of your chosen ritual can vastly improve the restful quality of your entire night.

Boost your blood circulation

Staying active through regular exercise is an essential way to boost that natural glow. Running around completing chores, while active, doesn’t have same dedicated benefits. It lacks the warm-up, stretching, active time, and cooldown, not to mention the testing of your limits, that a true exercise session provides. An exercise session challenges your muscles and puts your body in a state of repair afterwards. A deep sweat helps to push out toxins from our body, and also replenishes the skin’s natural sebum.

Yet, when opportunities for a workout are truly slim during a tough week, keep active by doing stretching at your place of work, or opting to walk up stairs or to the nearby drugstore when going from place to place. In these stolen moments during busy hours, you may feel that your body is lacking. All too often, when we’re exhausted, we misconstrue the act of exercise as the reason for feeling tired. But it can the state of being fully present in an act of exercise that reveals hidden exhaustion—which isn’t obvious when we’re immersed in a task.

Boost the blood circulation close to the surface of your skin using tools like a scrub cloth, a dry brush or a gua sha regularly. They support the flow of the small vessels near the skin, and can trigger the production of collagen. Results can start to show up after a week of regular use. Puffiness can decrease, and the skin starts to brighten naturally.

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