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Skin Survival Strategy for Winter

Skin Survival Strategy for Winter

Our skin is often first to notify us of the colder temperatures. Sometimes, it has already started to ache or get itchy, before we are tuned in to the thermometer or weather reports.

Beyond the usual routine of caring for dry skin, the coldest season of the year brings unique challenges that must be addressed. We have created a list of strategies for combating winter's harshness.

Top 6 strategies for helping skin survive the winter:

  1. Moisturize daily. In winter, moisturizing daily is essential. Cold weather causes more water to evaporate from our skin layers. Then, as we wind down during the day, we often overcompensate against the cold by taking hot showers, or turn on hot, drying fireplaces. This further strips our skin of moisture by removing the oily skin barrier. Moisturize daily to replenish the skin.
  2. Choose moisturizers with a higher oil-to-water ratio. Creams are usually 60% oil, butter, or wax and 40% water, while lotions are usually 70% water and 30% oil. In the winter, a moisturizer with more oil supplements the skin barrier, preventing evaporation of moisture from your skin.
  3. Apply thick butters when in snowy, icy climates. If you have ever been in a situation where you applied lots of lotion but only felt more dry and cracked, you may be accidentally damaging your skin. This applies to situations such as winter sports. When at the top of a snowy slope, applying a water-based moisturizer will not provide relief, because the additional water molecules freeze on your skin. This pries the skin open, creating more redness, irritation, and damage. Instead, you should choose a thick, oily butter which creates a protective occlusive layer on top of your skin.
  4. Exfoliate less often. Exfoliation, the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, is refreshing and can create a dewy glow. In wintertime, your exfoliation routine should lesson, to as little as once in 2 weeks. This allows your skin to maintain a thicker skin barrier against harsh weather.
  5. Apply sunscreen as usual. Sunscreen reduces our skin's damage from harmful UV rays. Cloudy days and snowy days reflect sunlight, which can increase sun ray exposure by as much as 80%.
  6. Drink water. We may crave hot chocolate or creamy holiday drinks in the winter, but beyond the winter specialties, remember to stay hydrated by drinking pure H20.


Best Winter Body Care Products:

Cloud | Fragrance Free Body Cream

A fragrance-free favorite. Lightweight, non-greasy, yet extremely hydrating, this body cream contains Camellia, Meadowfoam, and Hemp Seed oils for a velvety application. It also contains Oatmeal Extract, which is richly moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and soothes itching.


All Moi | Multipurpose Body Balm

Packaged in a convenient stick, this super nourishing and moisturizing balm is perfect as a carry-on for your daily activities. Use it on dry elbows, lips, hands, cuticles, or anywhere that needs a bit of extra love. Cocoa butter maintains skin elasticity and protects the skin barrier. Vitamin E, Apricot Kernel Oil, and Rosehip provide nourishment, and have antioxidant effects.


Wura | Turmeric & Saffron Bar Soap

This creamy, aromatic bar soap is full of goodness. Turmeric, saffron, and chamomile have anti-inflammatory effects. Together, they speed up wound healing and improve blood flow to the skin's surface. Coconut oil and sweet almond oil nourish your skin during showers by creating an essential oil experience. You'll feel clean, refreshed, and silky after a wash with Wura.

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