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Final Ship Dates June 15th & June 28th
Final Ship Dates June 15th & June 30th
Q & A with Vanessa

Q & A with Vanessa

Your GOAL?

I work as an assistant stylist, social media coordinator & am a full time student at Ryerson for Fashion Communications. My goals are to evolve in my work, and further develop my style in the fashion industry.

Where do you get your beauty inspo?

My beauty inspo is inspired by healthy skin. I never really wear makeup and would rather invest in skin products.

What are you listening to at the moment?

In my bed by Amy Winehouse

Favourite place to eat?

Lately, Bar Raval or Imanishi have been my go to restaurants.

Sade Baron Interview with Vanessa

What’s your skin body type?

I have really even & soft skin but I notice it can get really dry especially in the winter.

How do you moisturize your body?

I moisturize my body with cream when i get out of the shower, I use oils in places I’m really dry.

How often times do you moisturize?

I moisturize once a day, after a shower and right before bed. Tell us about your skin.

Sade Baron Interview with Vanessa

What are your biggest concerns?

My overall concern with my skin is dryness, I tend to get in growns very easily so I have to be consistent with exfoliating. I have to be careful I’m using a moisturizer that doesn’t clog my pores or I will get bad ingrown breakouts.

Whats your favourite Sade Baron product(s)? Why?

My favourite Sade Baron product is the lip and body butter stick. It is so nourishing and the only chapstick I use. I find other chapsticks can be really drying but this keeps my lips moisturized for so long and gives a really nice gloss too.

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