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How treat eczema naturally

How treat eczema naturally

Providing Eczema Relief Naturally

We understand how massively eczema can affect your life. Living with it is a daunting and frustrating journey. You may have many products with little improvement. The conventional approach, after meeting failure with products, may be to resort to steroid creams. However, scientists, dermatologists and green beauty experts who have lived with eczema have come to recognize that eczema requires a more holistic approach.

At Sade Baron, we take a holistic approach to body care. We believe in having a roadmap to healthy skin. Our philosophy isn’t about covering up the skin. We want you to be comfortable in your own body, and to glow naturally, with the confidence that you are healthy.

The skin is a window that is happening in the rest of the body. When there’s stress, ineffective diet patterns, lack of rest, not enough exercise, the skin shows it. Flare-ups are more than just the skin acting alone. They’re tied to the deeper efficacy of the entire human body.

To provide relief for eczema via natural means, listening to your physical cues is the first step.

Your skin is a messenger. As you observe how it behaves when you eat better, exercise more, reduce stress, or find rest, optimize your lifestyle to support happier skin.


The quality and length of sleep you receive every night can have a profound impact on your skin’s overall health. ( During a full night of sleep, the body repairs the skin. As you enter sleep’s final stages, known as REM sleep, the body’s stress hormone (known as cortisol) drops. Always aim for at least 7 hours to activate the body’s natural restorative functions.

This may be easier said than done, when one of eczema’s side effects is disruption of sleep. Self-examination is important here. Adjusting your sleeping hours to give yourself more time to fall asleep may be in order. Changing your bedsheets, adjusting the room’s temperature, or even wearing different pyjamas may also need to happen.

Stay hydrated

Our vital organs need water throughout the day to function well. But soft drinks, excess coffee, or alcoholic beverages don’t have the same benefits as simple H20. Focus on drinking just water. If you prefer a bit of flavour, infused waters and teas are a better alternative than sugary beverages. Start your mornings with a big glass of water to replenish lost moisture from the previous night.

Eat well

A happy digestive system is key to happy skin. This is known as the gut-skin axis, and scientists are conducting clinical research to better understand how improving the gut microbiome leads to the clearing up of skin conditions. Listen to your body. Cut down on sugar. Reduce processed foods or instant meals. Ensure you have at least one bowel movement daily. Identify whether particular types of meals lead to flare-ups and plan accordingly.

Find ways to release stress that calm your skin

You may have heard of the usual recommendations—journaling, going for walks, spending time in nature, meditating. Actually, stress management looks different for everyone. For some, this is about management throughout the day, by reducing interactions that have friction.

For others, this may be more about stress release, and ensuring that you undertake fun and carefree activities at the end of a long workweek. Some activities you may be in indulging in might need a shift if they only calm your mind but stress out your skin, like consuming certain foods or drinks.

Use better products on your skin. Which eczema cream is best?

Avoid products that contain parabens, alcohol, and synthetic dyes. Use real soaps rather than detergents—we talked about this in a previous article. (  Cut out fragrances in your products and opt for creams, lotions or oils that are high in skin-beneficial ingredients. Use natural products made to support the skin’s ability to heal itself.

At Sade Baron, our approach to body care is holistic. Our products incorporate vitamins, nutrients, super fats and antioxidants to support healthy skin.

For effective topical relief, try Bond | Healing Body Salve. The salve is made from plant-based butters, oils and nutritious ingredients. It will gently release all its vitamins and nutrients into your skin, without a greasy layer. The salve is fragrance-free. It’s formulated with Oat Oil to provide relief for itching, Kokum butter for forming a protective barrier over cracked sin, and Calendula Herbal Oil to support wound healing.

It delivers powerful relief for not only eczema, but also psoriasis, severely 
dry skin, and sensitive skin.

For those looking for an entire fragrance-free set, designed to be gentle, explore our Aura | Body Care Set.

  • Luft | Fragrance Free Body Wash • Hypoallergenic face and body wash. With avocado oil (vitamins A, C, E, K) and olive oil, this cleanser glides over the skin, cleaning dirt and keeping the body soft and healthy.
  • Sky | Fragrance Free Body Souffle • A whipped, fragrance-free, airy cream for sensitive skin. Light, penetrative moisture that lasts 8 hours. Aloe vera juice hydrates, and mango butter feeds essential fatty acids into the skin. Coconut oil bolsters skin barrier.
  • All Moi | Body Balm • Multipurpose balm-in-a-stick for everyday use on dry spots like cuticles, lips, elbows, and flaky patches. The nourishing formula contains Superfats like apricot kernel oil, cocoa butter, vitamins A, C, and E to protect skin and improve its texture.
  • G Sea Sponge: A soft natural sea sponge sourced from the Caribbean sea. This absorbent, organic material creates a satisfying lather and a super gentle exfoliation without stripping the skin barrier. Lasts up to 2 years. How to use: Rinse and apply with soap to the body. Cleanse gently. After use, rinse out all suds, and let it fully dry in an airy space to avoid bacterial growth or mildew.
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