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Debunking 5 Eczema Skincare Myths

Debunking 5 Eczema Skincare Myths

Eczema’s red and inflammatory patches got you down?

We know. Sometimes, the challenge of an ongoing skin condition goes beyond the physical. Clear your thoughts and get answers to unvoiced questions, with our debunk of five myths about eczema.

1. Eczema is just a rash

Actually, eczema is a persistent condition that leads to irritation, sensitivity, itching and redness. Rashes fade after removal of the external trigger—seasonal allergies, incompatible cosmetics, insect bites, plant secretions—but eczema isn’t necessarily caused by specific triggers. However, one specific form of eczema does behave like a rash. Known as contact dermatitis, this form of eczema occurs when there is physical contact with a trigger. It’s key to remember that caring for eczema requires a bigger strategy. Herbal balms that work for an insect-bite rash aren’t necessarily suitable for a recurring skin condition that makes the skin tender and sensitive.

2. Eczema is genetic, and therefore incurable

Research shows that eczema has a strong genetic link, but one is not fated to have frequent eczema flare-ups for life. Treatment and management is possible! While many health sources use the phrasing, “Eczema cannot be cured,” we believe that with the right products, patience, and lifestyle adjustments, healing is possible. We know that eczema outbreaks can massively lessen in frequency to once a year, or only once in several years.

3. Managing eczema means stopping makeup

For some, the cocktail of ingredients in a makeup product causes surprise irritation on the face or body. Perfect skin doesn’t exist. But we believe you can love your skin at all stages of the process. Start with the fundamentals of good skincare. Aim to feel comfortable in your own skin. Then, when the occasion calls for it, do use makeup—try shifting away from commercial brands and toward cosmetics that have hypoallergenic ingredients, fragrance-free formulations and skincare benefits wrapped within the product. Reduce makeup, increase skincare, but use makeup when you want to. Support your skin with a consistent skincare routine of gentle, effective products.

4. With eczema, swimming is impossible

We recently discussed the reasons why indoor pools and natural water bodies can irritate your skin condition. In a nutshell, swimming doesn’t have to stop with eczema, as long as you do your research and take extra precautions to understand the kind of water you will be stepping into.

5. Eczema only stops with steroid creams

Everyone’s eczema is different. For some, managing triggers ends all flare-ups. For others, complete lifestyle changes appear to have no big impact. In considering these variations, steroid creams can seem like the only logical end.

But it’s not. Topical steroidal withdrawal (TSW) has powerful impacts on your life. While the ultimate decision rests with you and your doctor, we believe that a lifetime dependency on steroids is not the only way. The body care treatments we create are focused on helping you find healing and comfort naturally, as part of a long-term roadmap to skin recovery.

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